Headquarters, MINTH Group, Jiaxing, CN
25,000 sqm
Under Construction

In 2009, China overtook the U.S. as the world’s biggest auto market. The predictions for the Chinese car industry from 2010 to 2020: more international , greener, bigger, more diversified, more high tech. MINTH Group is a key player in this expanding industry – the company is a leading supplier of exterior auto parts with a no. 1 market share in China and growing relevance globally. MINTH supplies to (..) automakers which hold more than 80% of global market share.

The Jiaxing based company is currently building a new office to house its 800 staff headquarters. This office building is created in an environment that only 10 years ago was a total greenfield – in one decade from no tech to high tech..

MINTH has seen the same lightning speed in its development since its start in 1992 – from the production of car parts to the design and development of elements for the car industry, and even production of small electric vehicles. How to design a headquarters in such a flexible and unpredictable environment?

MORE proposes a strategy in which the contrast between the fixed program (housing storage, pantries, printers etc) and the flexible program (people) is maximized through a system of walls: the barcode system. The bars in this scheme are fixed; the space in between can densify over time – depending on the development of the activities of the company. The bars have a closed stainless steel side – for input and storage – and an open translucent side – for media and sharing information.

The program is organized around the central lobby, that can be understood as the very heart of the building. A gentle stairs, which connect the publicly accessible lobby with the training centre on the second floor, can be used for public events, gatherings and informal meetings – various sorts of collectivity..

Daan Roggeveen, Robert Chen with
SD: Jaime Fernandez Rosa, Francesca Gatti, Sabine van der Heijden
DD: Jaime Fernandez Rosa, Xin Dogterom, Wang Bizhou, Andrea Pisanu, Phoebe Yin
CD: Sander Marino, Xin Dogterom, Jaime Fernandez Rosa, Jasmer Ma
Construction: Jui-Heng Chuang, Xue Guangjie

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