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Chinese involvement in Africa has a very physical impact that can be clearly observed on aerial pictures: Chinese roads, railroads, airports and other large infrastructural projects have changed the landscape of many parts of Africa. Chinese companies are becoming increasingly involved in the full scope of urban development: design and development of residential compounds, creation of Special Economic Zones, the construction of landmark buildings and the drafting of urban plans. They also start to influence the soft side of cities through language schools, TV stations, restaurants, supermarkets, clinics and casinos.

In 2013, the Go West Project started to study the impact of Chinese urban strategies in Africa. This exhibition at the Shenzhen Biennale 2013 gives an impression of the first preliminary results from Nairobi (Kenya), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Accra (Ghana) and Luanda (Angola).

Research, concept & photography: Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen

Research assistants: Brechtje Spreeuwers (Shanghai/Amsterdam), Lily Yekoye (Addis Ababa), Kent Mensah (Accra), Kofi Agyepong (Accra), Immanuel Muasya and Mwendwa Musyoka (Nairobi), Mary Atolagbe (Lagos)

Pictures Luanda: Paulo Moreira

Translation: Fan Jingwen

This project has been made possible with generous support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and the EFL Foundation.

Africa / SZ BiennaleAfrica / SZ BiennaleAfrica / SZ BiennaleAfrica / SZ BiennaleAfrica / SZ BiennaleAfrica / SZ Biennale
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