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Client: Gemeente Amsterdam, Ruimte & Duurzaamheid
Site: Northern Waterfront, Amsterdam
Program: Mixed use, Residential, Public
Design: 2020
Team: MORE + XML

Amsterdam Noord is growing. Recently, the district has welcomed its 100,000th resident. Increasingly, this largest district of Amsterdam will play a critical role in the development of the entire city. Therefore it is not possible to look at the development of the Northern IJ bank without thinking about the relationship that Amsterdam Noord has with the rest of the city.

View from North
The starting point in our vision for the Northern IJ banks is to bring the two waterfronts into balance, while maintaining the specific character of Noord. We did this by designing a series of islands, connected by a public waterfront: the Noordas. When developing the plan, we took the ‘Northern’ prespective, whereby we do not consider the Northside as ‘the other side’, but as the waterfront of Amsterdam Noord.

Use the differences
Noord consists of very different districts and neighbourhoods. Rather than smoothing this out, we want to take advantage of this. We propose to create eight different neighbourhoods on the waterfront. This shows that the waterfront has a multitude of possibilities. In each of these districts, the buildings are designed perpendicular to the water, so that there is always a good (visual) relationship with the IJ.

In every neighbourhood we propose a mix of living and working. With space on the lower floors for the manufacturing and creative industry through the use of a (temporary) zoning plan.

A number of public facilities will be built in the Noordas: culture, beach, but also “urban sports”, such as a skate park, a floating swimming pool and “muscle beach” where people can do workouts in the open air.

In order to keep Noord well and sustainably accessible now and in the future, we propose a ring line metro and high-quality public transport in this area, as well as a large number of ferries and water buses. The Noordas is being designed as a slow traffic area, so car-free. There will be cycle paths that continue to the water. This also includes a number of through “bicycle highways”. The waterfront itself is a pedestrian zone.

We believe that the waterfront of Amsterdam Noord plays a role for the entire city and should therefore be publicly accessible. A public boulevard on the water extends from Sixhaven to Oranjesluizen, surrounded by a number of large public cultural facilities. Opposite the private Zuidas, we propose the public Noordas.

Amsterdam NoordasAmsterdam NoordasAmsterdam NoordasAmsterdam NoordasAmsterdam NoordasAmsterdam Noordas
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