BANK, Shanghai
Art Gallery, 300 sqm
Design, Construction 2016

Over the years, contemporary art gallery BANK has set itself apart from the pack by not trying to exactly fit into the existing gallery model. BANK hosted group shows, and organized performances, screenings, talks and other public programs. Thus, it aims to be more than a regular gallery.

The – involuntary – move from Xianggang Lu to Anfu Lu confronts BANK to become more established; both in its business model, but now also in its more ‘upmarket’ location.
The space they found for the gallery challenges this notion: although in a smart neighborhood, it is literally ‘underground’, and has a raw character.

The design sees to keep the ‘edge’ of BANK by maintaining certain elements of the basement, coalescing them with the emblematic ‘white cube’ look and feel of a contemporary art gallery.

Designing the space, we maintained the existing columns, which generate a layered perspective. We emphasized these lines in the lay out of the ceiling as well, creating a coulisse landscape in which you can explore and discover art works, and see them from different perspectives.

This coulisse effect also highlights the contrast between old and new, raw and fresh. Some additional features – the glossy door, the desk – play with the glamorous new environment BANK now finds itself in…

Photo Credits: BANK
Photo’s of ‘Now is the summer of our (dis)content’

Daan Roggeveen with Emilio Wang, Andrea Mendoza, Yu Yin, Andrew Chavet

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