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The Tower of Babel is a new monthly series within the Architectenweb Podcast. In this series architect Daan Roggeveen (MORE Architecture) talks with architects, developers and other experts who all have their own perspective on high-rise buildings. The aim is to answer the question: how do you make a really good high-rise building?

Daan Roggeveen lived in Shanghai for ten years, where he got fascinated by high-rise buildings. Back in the Netherlands, he noted that high-rise is also gaining traction here. But how can we turn Dutch high-rise into a qualitative, affordable building that gives something back to the city?

In the monthly podcast “De Toren van Babel”, Roggeveen will search for the answers to this urgent question. In in-depth interviews with experts, he examines how we can design, develop, finance and build affordable high-rise buildings that fit in well with the city.

Daan Roggeveen: “From my experience in China, I see that high-rise buildings offer enormous opportunities. It is very inspiring to be able to question experts in the Netherlands about this topic. ”

The first guest in the series is Do Janne Vermeulen, partner at Team V Architecture. The topic of discussion is sustainable high-rise buildings. She talks about HAUT, the tallest wooden residential tower in the Netherlands. The following guests include Caro van de Venne (Barcode Architects) and Sebastiaan van Dam (Being Development).

The Toren van Babel is made possible by Stichting Hoogbouw.

The series can be followed on the Architectenweb Podcast, on all the usual podcast channels.

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Daan Roggeveen presents new podcast on high-rise
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