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MORE Architecture and AIM Architecture are happy to announce that Jiaxing Island, the collective design project by the Shanghai based firms, reached its highest point. Jiaxing Island is a mixed-use scheme that challenges current ideas on urban space in China. The project started construction in early 2013 and topped out last month. Currently, the architects are preparing the interior design.

On the fringe of quickly urbanizing Jiaxing, a 1 million-inhabitant city between Shanghai and Hangzhou, the site of the plan finds itself between large residential developments, high tech parks and farm fields, surrounded by water.

Jiaxing Island contains a mixed program and organizes it in an open and publicly accessible structure. The various functions – hotel, offices, restaurants, gallery and residential – are spread out over 8 different structures surrounding a central square. This square forms the heart of the building, with generous stairs that can be used as an open-air auditorium. The stairway connects the square with a parking space that – because of its spacious design – can be used for events, exhibitions and even parties.

The plan mixes functions to the maximum, within the volumes, but also by interconnecting the buildings by bridges. While walking these connections one passes through a myriad of programs and activities: a flower garden, art spaces, hotel lobbies, people having meetings, having dinner, swimming. The building has four different rooftop landscapes on the different office buildings: a bar, an urban farm and even a golf course!

This project rethinks contemporary urban notions in China: the traditional north-south orientation, the car-dominated streets, a square as an expression of power. Jiaxing Island actively mixes programs and functions, and by literally placing public space in the heart of the project, the building finally mixes people…

16,000 sqm mixed use
Offices, hotel (34 rooms), 13 short stay apartments, gallery, 3 restaurants, gym, swimming pool, kindergarten, multi functional parking garage
Architecture, Landscape design: 2012 – 2013
Interior Design: 2014
Construction: July 2013 – Fall 2014

MORE Architecture, Shanghai
Principal architect Daan Roggeveen

AIM Architecture, Shanghai
Principal architects Vincent de Graaf, Wendy Saunders

Local Design Institute (Structure, MEP)
CSCEC, Zhang Ye

MORE Architecture is a research-based office, founded by Daan Roggeveen and Robert Chen. Both attracted by the city’s seemingly unstoppable growth, Roggeveen and Chen were intrigued by the challenges of building for a society in the throes of change. This shared interest manifests itself through MORE Architecture’s foundations in research, building on the results of the ongoing Go West Project.

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Jiaxing Island by MORE and AIM, tops outJiaxing Island by MORE and AIM, tops outJiaxing Island by MORE and AIM, tops outJiaxing Island by MORE and AIM, tops out
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