MORE participates in Urban Learning Forum at BJDWClose

During the opening weekend of Beijing Design Week 2016, Daan Roggeveen participates in the Urban Learning Forum . The Forum is organized within The Global School – an initiative part of the Baitasi Remade project under creative direction of Beatrice Leanza (IT/ CN).

The Global School (TGS) is an unprecedented international research & educational institute dedicated to design and the city tasked to network local and international organizations, institutions, companies, professionals and visionaries in various design fields to become part of a new design community, and thereof partake in the development of tools and methodologies for engagement with the social and built environment of Baitasi.

Pop-up Studio X – Baitasi will host this symposium at The Global School, which will be moderated by Dr. Tat Lam. Local and international researchers will be present to share their experiences and work on community data-empowerment. Through discussion and examples, the mini-symposium hopes to generate a cross-pollination of knowledge: from fieldworkers and social entrepreneurs at the forefront of community engagement, to planners, policymakers and social investors at various levels.

The Urban Learning Forum
Date: 25 September 14.00 – 17.00
Organizer: Baitasi Remade
Venue: The Global School, Marketplace
Address: 52 Gongmenkou Dongcha, Baitasi, Xicheng District, Beijing
Events are free of charge

For more information follow Baitasi Remade Wechat – Wechat ID: baitasiproject
Or visit:

MORE participates in Urban Learning Forum at BJDWMORE participates in Urban Learning Forum at BJDW
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