Winning plan: transformation of Heemskerk Station AreaClose

AM, alongside MORE, Felixx, and Site, is set to transform Heemskerk’s station area into a nature-inclusive urban landscape. Rooted in the town’s history of castles and horticulture, the project, ‘Onze Hoeve,’ blends a contemporary sense of community with the green character of the landscape. Comprising four residential clusters and the station area, each cluster exudes unique architectural charm, fostering a strong communal spirit. A continuous, publicly accessible park links the green station square to neighbouring areas, serving as a lively transition to Heemskerk’s new public transport hub. Focused on ecology, climate adaptation, and social connections, the project aims to create vibrant green neighbourhoods. The station square is envisioned as a dynamic hub, featuring a mix of amenities and affordable homes, making it a standout attraction for Heemskerk and its environs. With the municipality endorsing AM’s plan, the next step towards realization begins with a feasibility study, emphasizing resident and stakeholder participation in co-creation. For details, read the press release here. In collaboration with: AM Gebiedsontwikkeling, Felixx Landscape Architects,
Winning plan: transformation of Heemskerk Station Area
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