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In our book How the City Moved to Mr Sun – China’s New Megacities (2011) we described the mechanisms behind the emergence of megacities in Central- and West-China. We are currently working on a new study into China’s involvement in African urbanisation. The Chinese are exporting parts of their urban model to Africa: new “Special Economic Zones” in Zambia, Nigeria and Ethiopia, Chinese residential models in Angola or Kenia and Chinese roads, airports and railways all over Africa.

There’s also a new approach of “soft power” with Chinese-led African newspapers and television stations, Chinese language schools, university grants for African students and professionals, and Chinese medical aid projects in Africa. We think this phenomenon deserves an unprejudiced look as to what this means for the development and the future of African cities.
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This research is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the EFL Foundation.

Chinese Cities in AfricaChinese Cities in AfricaChinese Cities in AfricaChinese Cities in Africa
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