MARS + MORE have invited eight world renowned Chinese and international offices and experts, including OMA, McKinsey and Rockbund Art Museum, to work together on an integrated planning strategy. In a live session during Beijing Design Week the eight proposals will be consolidated into a single future vision that integrates cultural and business management with architectural heritage and virtual technology: the first holistic approach for 798 and Chinese creative clusters at large. 

798 and the Creative Cluster Conundrum
Chinese cities face a new urgency: to move away from the mass production of built space, and instead nurture the rise of healthy, diverse and creative urban centers. To this end, creative clusters are a pivotal planning tool. Creative districts the world over have been able to assimilate into existing urban fabric and effectively reinvent themselves as unique and profitable destinations. However, 798, the first district to complete this cycle of gentrification in China, has become a victim of its own success. The area now has the resources to develop and densify, but has lost the involvement of the artistic community that would ensure new buildings contain and generate creative content. The challenge: ‘Can we plan what is essentially unplanned?’

CITY = MUSEUM is a project initiated by MARS + MORE, two Dutch architecture firms based in Shanghai. The project applies a unique new collaborative format of working in relay. The goal: to develop an alternative for 798’s harsh gentrification. The eight firms have been invited, based on their distinct backgrounds, integrating perspectives on business models, cultural management, new media technologies and architecture and heritage. This multidisciplinary team consists of: OMA, McKinsey, CAFA/Moujiti, HybridSpaceLab, XML, Rockbund Art Museum, AIM Architecture and WAI Architecture Think Tank.

Neville Mars, Daan Roggeveen
Jaime Fernandez Rosa, Francesca Gotti, Sabine van der Heijden, Mohammed Abuzid

Urban China: Huang Zhengli, Ental Tan, Zhao Min, Xu Tianyu, Hua Jian, Li Ni, Yuan Jing
Research: Frances Arnold, Vivian Song
Contributions by: Michiel Hulshof, Guo Jian + Wang Xinyan + Li Yutong (CAFA), Zhong Xiaohua + Li Yifei, Li Pu, Martin de Jong
Photography by: Iwan Baan, WassinkLundgren, Bai Xiaoci, Liu Gang This project was impossible without:
Anouchka van Driel, Li Junzhan, Beatrice Leanza, Christine de Baan, Liu Chang

McKinsey: Jonathan Woetzel, Katrina Lu, Derek Zhang, Alan Lau, Guangyu Li
OMA: David Gianotten, Inge Goudsmit, Daniel Hui, Michael Kokora, Paul Jones
CAFA | Moujiti: Lulu Li, Fei Jun
Hybrid Space Lab: Frans Vogelaar, Elizabeth Sikiaridi
Rockbund Art Museum: Liu Yingjiu
XML Architecture Research Urbanism: David Mulder, Max Cohen de Lara
AIM Architecture: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf, German Roig, Rory Martin
WAI Think Tank: Cruz Garcia, Nathalie Frankowski

In association with: Huang Rui, 7 Star Group, UCCA, Gallery ALL, Beijing Design Week

CITY=MUSEUM is made possible with the generous support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Beijing.

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