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How to show the real beauty and potential of an elevator? Mr. Otis, the inventor of the safety break, knew how to do that: by creating a spectacular performance.

The elevator made many things possible. The sky was the limit – and that resulted in skylines like the one of Manhattan. So we take this grid of skyscrapers as an inspiration…and make it into a grid of elevators….! Resulting in an uniform grid, all with all different elevators designed by Lilong. We connect these on three different levels, so people can walk around and ex- plore the different elevator types.

Elevator Showroom
Client: Lilong Group, Ningbo
Design: 2018-2019
Under Construction

Daan Roggeveen
Lina Peng, Mengyao Han (concept)
Emilio Wang, Julie Xu (SD – CD)
Gaoqi Luo (Construction)

Elevator ShowroomElevator ShowroomElevator ShowroomElevator ShowroomElevator Showroom
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