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Interior, 90 sqm
Design, construction: 2007

All interiors are part of the problem of the personal vs. the mutual: offices used by all kinds of different people, shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, prisons. The only interior that – apart from the plan – is adjusted to peoples personal taste is the dwelling. But how personal is an interior in a time of omnipresent IKEAS and home decoration TV programs? Isn’t a generic interior much more special?

The apartment is a former social housing, as part of an urban plan of almost 1400 social dwellings. In the plan, the view on the water is one of the key elements. This is one of the essential assets of the apartment. By reshuffling the apartment from a plan with various bedrooms to one large living area around a core, an extra window is added to the living room. The view on the IJ is improved, making the house more light and spacious.

By placing a large kitchen island in the middle of the open space, we created a non descript space around it. Is it a kitchen? Is it a place to have a drink? Is it a hallway? Anyway, it is possible to cook, talk to your guests, and watch television at the same time.

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