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Lilong, one of the biggest manufacturers of elevator parts, plans to open its new research centre adjacent to its factory. The research centre should be a combination of office space, elevator test laboratories, short stay apartments and meeting facilities.

The R&D centre is planned in a rough and fast-changing urban environment; a combination of farmland, golf courts, industrial use and offices. The R&D centre is emblematic for the radical changes Chinese cities are undergoing: from farmland to innovation centre in less than a decade!

Our design tries to combine a hard and artificial outside – a glass facade – with a natural inside. The heart of the building consists of a series of courtyards that create a human scale and atmosphere in this vast and rough industrial landscape. An oasis of nature in the every expanding city.

Program: R&D Centre: offices, research lab, short stay apartments
Area: 20.000 m2
Client: Lilong Group, Ningbo
Design: 2019 – 2020
Status: DD

Lilong R&D CentreLilong R&D CentreLilong R&D CentreLilong R&D CentreLilong R&D Centre
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