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Client: Confidential
Area: 40,000 sqm
Design: 2018
Start Construction spring 2019

In recent years, the geography of China has changed rigorously. The most remote places are connected to the cities on the east coast by motorways, trains and the internet. This has made the manpower of the countryside even more accessible for the city. In addition, investments from the city can reach the countryside easier. Urbanization is shifting to China’s hinterland.

Moreover, after nearly four decades of industrialization and urbanization, the Chinese middle class has money and time: the preconditions for tourism. Chinese people flee their megacities in the weekend and are interested in – and sometimes often downright nostalgic about – rural life. Stimulated by the government, which wants to push domestic consumption, leisure is one of the biggest drivers of rural China.

How to “return to the countryside” without entering the danger of nostalgia or ignorance? How do we create the quality of life in the “urban” in the rural environment? How do we make the landscape superior and at the same time increase the cultural value? These are the questions we raised when we started this project: a high end resort in Zhejiang Province.

The project requires a modest architecture which allows for an immersive and powerful landscape experience. Landscape and architecture should be one uninterrupted condition – yet the design should combine maximum view with maximum privacy.

The experience of the site, including its height differences, is at the heart of our design. Sunken courtyards and gardens allow for a gentle transition between the road and the villas.

Daan Roggeveen, Robert Chen with Mengyao Han, Emilio Wang, Anna Clement, Bernie Wong, Kim Ka-Hyun, Zhou Blake

Mountain ResortMountain ResortMountain Resort
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