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Client: Harvest
Area: 4,000 sqm
Design: 2018
Status: Concept
The Chinese economy is undergoing an immense transformation. It is shifting from the industrial sector to the service sector. Moreover, the economy aims to be less dependent on export and more focused on domestic consumption. Finally, China is concentrating on improving its economy by stimulating advanced companies. The office for Harvest could be the hallmark for innovative firms participating in and contributing to this new chapter of China’s development.

The Nantong economic development zone is in the making at China speed: from no tech to high tech in a decade…! How to design a 4,000 sqm high end office in such a rough environment of an emerging industrial development zone?

To guide the design, we formulated three leading principles:
1. All buildings in the context are generic, so a certain ‘character’ (= icon) is necessary.
2. Since context of the site is industrial and harsh, we want to create a transition zone between indoor office and outdoor
3. To foster innovation, we need a collective space for workers to meet, and interact

The office uses a clear cross diagram, where the floors are stacked in an alternating way. This leads to an iconic profile, and simultaneously generates a ‘transition zone’ between outside and inside: balconies that provide shade and can be used for gathering, informal meetings, having a smoke.The heart of the building is an atrium that connects all floors – and people.

Daan Roggeveen, Robert Chen with Pedro Martins, Lina Peng, Emilio Wang, Mengyao Han

Nantong OfficeNantong OfficeNantong OfficeNantong OfficeNantong OfficeNantong OfficeNantong Office
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