MORE frequently publishes its work and research in international books and magazines.

The Amsterdam Agenda – 12 Good Ideas for the Future of Cities, Daan Roggeveen, Michiel Hulshof with Frances Arnold, NAi010, 2020

Monthly Column, Architectenweb

Old is the New New, Domus Magazine, April 2018

Progress & Prosperity – The Chinese City as a Global Urban Model
Daan Roggeveen (ed)
NAi010 Publishers, 2017

AFRICA, Architecture, Culture and Identity
Louisiana Museum of Art, 2015
This publication includes essays by Morten Nielsen, and Achille Mbembe, Edgar Pieterse, Filip de Boeck, Nnamdi Elleh and Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen.
Read and download here

Cities in Transition, NAi010 Publishers, 2015
edited by Wowo Ding, Arie Graafland and Andong Lu
Cities in Transition investigates the recent urban and political-economic developments in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and China. It features contributions by 30 experts in the field, including Saskia Sassen, Fulong Wu, M. Christine Boyer, Vittorio Lampugnani, Eric Swyngedouw, Marc Angélil, Joan Busquets, David Grahame Shane, George Baird, Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen and many others.

‘798 and the Creative Cluster Conundrum’ – Theme issue of magazine Urban China discussing creative clusters in China (with MARS Architects), September 2014

‘Chinese Cities in Africa’ – Theme issue of magazine Urban China discussing the impact of Chinese urban models in African cities, April 2014
Download full magazine here

Chinese Boxes – MARK Magazine, April 2014

Volume #39 ‘Urban Border’ – Chinese Cities in Africa

Knack, ‘China chooses a new leader’, August 2012

Sustainable Living Urban Model Magazine (ETH), ‘Zaha Goes Extra Large’
Article on cultural development in Chinese cities, July 2012

De Stad die naar Meneer Sun verhuisde – Over Nieuwe Megasteden in China
Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen, SUN Publishers, Amsterdam, March 2012

Knack, ‘The mother of all bubbles explodes’
Article on Chinese real estate market, March 2012

Volume #30 ‘Privatize’, ‘Millionaires in Little Venice’
Article on gated compounds, March 2012

Allmetropolis – een Speciale Economische Zone in de Flevopolder
Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen, research report on the idea to establish a Special Economic Zone in Europe, February 2012,

Asia Literary Review, Special Artistic Zone
Essay, Winter 2012

Oriental Outlook, ‘Go East’
Three columns on Chinese urban development, January 2012

How the City moved to Mr Sun – China’s New Megacities
Michiel Hulshof & Daan Roggeveen, SUN Publishers, Amsterdam, ISBN 9085068789, September 2011

Magazine ‘Vrij Nederland’, ‘An urban tragedy’
Article on Urban Villages, September 2012

Magazine ‘de Architect’, theme issue ‘Shanghai’
Essay, interview with Liu Yuyang and photo essay for a theme issue, May 2011

Urban China, ‘Urban Medicine’
Article and photo essay about urban villages, April 2011 MARK Magazine, ‘Walled Idyll’, article about residential design in Xi’an, August 2010

Open Cahier – SKOR, Emptiness – photo essay, Summer 2010

MonU – Magazine on Urbanism, ‘Brand new Landlords’
Photo reportage about farmers in Shijiazhuang, Summer 2010

Magazine ‘de Architect’, Monthly column about cities in central and western China, 2009 / 2010

Magazine ‘Vrij Nederland’, ‘Saving energy is using your finger’
Article on eco-city Guiyang, February 2010

Magazine ‘Vrij Nederland’, ‘Living from the Construction Site’
Article on floating villages, August 2009

MonU – Magazine on Urbanism, ‘SIN City’
Photo essay. on the spatial concept of Singapore, February 2008

MonU – Magazine on Urbanism, ‘Claiming Space’ Photo reportage on parking in 2nd rate cities, June 2007, with Job Roggeveen

Magazine ‘de Architect’, ‘Sustainable urbanity in dynamic conditions’ Article on real estate development in Chinese cities, May 2006

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