Qingpu Comfortably LayeredClose

Masterplan, 500,000 sqm
Offices, Hotel, Mall, Sports, Entertainment, Residential
Shanghai, 2009

We perceived the site as a typical linear city centre: a new node on a string of city centres of different quality. The success of this new centre depends a great deal on its ability to become a powerful magnet on this line. Therefore it needs to develop a personality that generates strong possibilities for development.

The central zone needs to use its buzz in a way that does not only benefit the main road but gives chances to the whole site, bringing urban energy to the new town. By widening the influence of the road by changing the road system from a generic orthagonal system to a space defining hexagonal one, the residential hinterland connects to the main road.

Extending the influence zone of the road creates a series of plots that stretch over the road. These plots were perceived as a sequence of programmed urban landscapes, offering a visually and programmatically intense city centre. This sequence of the landscapes is a road movie representing the image of Qingpu Newtown.

In collaboration with AIM Architecture, Shanghai.

Qingpu Comfortably LayeredQingpu Comfortably LayeredQingpu Comfortably LayeredQingpu Comfortably Layered
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