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Si Fang Art Park Entrance Building
Area: 250 m2
Client: Si Fang Real Estate
Design: 2017

The Sifang Art Museum Park fits in a long tradition of the culture of ‘collecting architecture’. The Weissenhoff Siedlung, Nexus Housing, Ordos 100, Jinhua Architecture Park are all striving to document and capture the architecture of a time frame by juxtaposing programs, styles and intentions.

How to be the entrance building for this park of competing ambitions? Squeezed between Steven Holl and Isozaki, facing Liu Jiakun, SANAA, Adjaye, and Ai Weiwei, how could we deal with this pressure?

Situated between powerful style, and surrounded by complexity, we choose simplicity and pure form as an answer. Our building will be mainly viewed from atop. Visitors to Steven Holls iconic structure end at the monumental view over the park and the city of Nanjing. The first building they see is our humble, yet visible entrance building, with its emblematic roof. The roof protects, connects, covers and brings people together: the ultimate functions for an entrance.

Team: Daan Roggeveen, Robert Chen, Lina Peng, Emilio Wang, Mengyao Han, Pedro Martins

Si Fang EntranceSi Fang EntranceSi Fang EntranceSi Fang EntranceSi Fang EntranceSi Fang Entrance
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