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620,000 sqm Masterplan
Residential (3,900 public and 1,500 private), schools, park, public facilities
Singapore Punggol, 2009

Singapore is a city of high-rise buildings; essential to an area where space is limited. For the suburban development of Punggol Waterway this projects investigates alternative building typologies in order to maximize the effect of suburban living in high density tropical conditions.

Following the tabula rasa development philosophy, a grid 65 x 65 meter grid is put in place. This grid can be adjusted to different residential programs and typologies. The grid provokes different building solutions: as long as the footprint is bounded by 65 x 65m, everything is possible! By shifting alternating rows of the grid by half plot lengths, we capture optimal views and sunlight. The grid allows for mixing of landscapes, typologies and even ownership thus nurturing diversity and integrating a cross section of Singapore.

Singapore PunggolSingapore PunggolSingapore PunggolSingapore PunggolSingapore PunggolSingapore Punggol
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