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The city of Groningen has a long tradition of ‘Design Manifestations’; design festivals targeting vital urban themes in the city. For this year’s festival, we developed a strategic masterplan for the transformation of a school.

The site is positioned at a strategic location: on the edge of the historic inner city, it historically combines working, education and living. The key drivers of our concept are the bike line which connects the city with the new ‘Suikerzijde’ development area in the west of the city. We propose to keep some parts of the school to make vocational education visible in the city.

Our plan proposes a fine-grain urban fabric with four public squares: a square for education, for culture, for working and for families. We propose to double use some of the school amenities – the auditorium, the sports facilities, the canteen. And we create places for apprenticeships. Gardens are places for the community to meet and engage.

Hence, we create a dynamic vibrant neighbourhood, with the qualities of a village – a compact city.

Client: City of Groningen / Alfa College / Lefier

Design: 2021-2022

Status: Strategic Masterplan

Program: 350 dwellings, school, work


Daan Roggeveen, Ties Kweekel, Morgane Garnier, Elodie Michel

The Compact CityThe Compact CityThe Compact CityThe Compact CityThe Compact CityThe Compact CityThe Compact City
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