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In 2018, Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb launched an idea that was as clear as it was ambitious: make schools in residential towers. ‘High-rise buildings in the city are fine, but let’s create public facilities in the plinths,’ said the mayor. With Tower for a School, this ambitious plan lands in the heart of Rotterdam.

Like many cities,Rotterdam has a great need for affordable housing and wants to make room for families in the city center. In addition, public facilities for these residents are essential. Tower for a School is a sustainable building with affordable housing for teachers and healthcare staff, housing for families, a nursery, spacious outdoor spaces and places to meet. In the plinth: a restaurant with workplaces, studios for creative Rotterdammers, and a primary school.

Schools are pre-eminently places for emancipation: places where everyone from the city is welcome and can develop themselves. With a nursery, a primary school, learning workplaces and studios on the ground floor, Tower for a School will be a place for everyone. This makes the building a machine for emancipation: a place where everyone can go to live, play, learn, meet and inspire each other.

With: Studio Nauta

Design: 2020

Program: School, residential

Area: 14,000 sqm

Tower for a SchoolTower for a SchoolTower for a SchoolTower for a SchoolTower for a SchoolTower for a School
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