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Ningo Prampram City Extension Plan
Accra, Ghana

Masterplan, 100 sqkm
Client : UN Habitat

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The alarming urbanization figures are also the case in Ghana: between 1984 and 2014 the country saw a 350% increase in its urban population. At the same time, a huge transformation took place in its economy: while experiencing an annual GDP growth of 5.7% between 1984 and 2013, the agricultural employment share decreased immensely. And paradoxically this didn’t lead to an increase in manufacturing jobs; only 5.8% of the population is employed in manufacturing, and falling.

Challenging issues require bold yet smart propositions. This report describes the scheme for an urban planning extension in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area motivated by three key drivers: the need to accommodate serious flooding during peak rainfall, rapid growth within the Greater Accra region plus its subsequent explosive unplanned urban sprawl and the permanent necessity to provide housing for all and to expand the housing quantity in Accra.

Contemporary solutions for urban growth
To accommodate future growth and urbanization of Greater Accra, UN Habitat, Ghanaian planners and policy makers and a team of Dutch Designers are collaborating on the planned city extension of Ningo Prampram. Ningo Prampram will become a large-scale planned extension of the city of Accra on a 10×10 km area, running from Prampram in the west to Old Ningo in the east, and from the waterfront in the south to the planned new airport in the north. The existing Trans African highway will be the backbone of the area.

For this project, UNHabitat is pioneering a new type of urban planning which abandons the top-down organized blueprint in which every detail of the future city is already worked out and settled upon.

Rather, the designers aim to provide the foundations for a naturally evolving city. The new urban area will be built in phases, according to a framework laid out in the urban plan, within green main arteries that accommodate space for flooding. By doing so, Ningo Prampram’s developers aim to create a more flexible and resilient urban solution for the continuous formal and informal urbanization in and around Accra.

Accra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City ExtensionAccra City Extension
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